Is Life Tuned free?

Yes. Life Tuned is completely free.

What is Life Tuned for?

Life Tuned is a place to connect music with the memories they evoke. You get your own personal online memory box to put them. You can then listen to these tunes at anytime and remember the good times. You can share your memory box with friends and they can discover these tunes and the memories they evoke. Even start a whole conversation around them.

Are all Music Memory Boxes public?

Yes. All Music Memory Boxes and memories are public, so they can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Each music memory box has it's own unique url, like for you to share.

We don't know yet if this is best way. If you fancy a private one or one just to share with friends? Head over to our feedback page and have your say.

Do I have to upload my music?

No. All music is provided by YouTube. YouTube might be well known for video but it has a vast amount of free music. If there's another music provider you think should be included. Let us know in our feedback page.

Why do you need Facebook permission 'Access my data any time'?

We don't post anything to your wall without your permission or any kind of snooping. We use this permission to connect you with your friends on Life Tuned. So you can find out when Facebook friends join Life Tuned and when they add music memories.

What's a friend?

Having a friend in Life Tuned means you get to easily discover their quirky/funny/odd/touching music memories. You can easily navigate to their music memory box (via their little picture in your friends section) and you get to find out when they add new memories (via email notifications, which can be turned off in your account settings).

How do I make friends?

Life Tuned looks at your friends in Facebook and the people you follow on Twitter. If those people are using Life Tuned, then it makes them a friend here too.

It's all automatic but if you don't want that to happen and/or you'd like to add friends manually, then do let us know.

If you want more friends! You can also connect more than one social network account (Facebook or Twitter) to your Life Tuned account. This also makes it easier to sign in.

Can't find an answer? You can get any question (meaning of life aside) answered by contacting us.